CloudQuant Alpha Webinar Series: BMLL Level 3 Data

In this webinar, Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL, joins Morgan Slade, Founder and CEO, CloudQuant. The CloudQuant data showcase platform makes high-value datasets accessible directly to researchers through a single integration. In this webinar the discussion focuses on BMLL Level 3 Data, and how it can be utilised via CloudQuant’s platform.

Time Stamps:

00:36 - Introductions

02:34 - CloudQuant overview

06:28 - BMLL overview

11:05 - What is Level 3 Data?

12:16 - BMLL Data Lab example

14:22 - Who is using Level 3 Data, and what is it used for?

20:25 - How can you access Level 3 Data?

23:16 - CloudQuant example

27:23 - BMLL Vantage (no-code visualisation tool) example

29:16 - Q&A