How our data works for the Sell-Side

BMLL enables sell-side institutions to better compete with their peers by providing historical data and analytics. Using BMLL market data and analytics, sell-side firms can optimise SORs/algorithms, generate comprehensive execution analysis and develop industry-leading thought leadership.

Optimised SORs/Algorithms

  • Tune SORs/algorithms to optimise order execution using the historical and consolidated view of prices, trades and venue quality
  • Develop AI/ML-powered SORs/ algorithms that use high-quality historical data to adapt to hidden liquidity, market timing, and market direction signals
  • Ensures that SORs/algorithms accurately assess market conditions and adjust routing strategies based on factors such as volatility, liquidity constraints, and time to execution

Enhanced Execution Analysis

  • Demonstrate execution performance in detail by utilising granular historical market data to provide a comprehensive view of market quality
  • Conduct comprehensive TCA to optimise execution and minimise trading costs by accessing full-depth market data containing detailed trades and market conditions
  • Evaluate and improve execution strategy performance under various market conditions using high-quality historical data

Improved Market Microstructure Research

  • Examine market microstructure dynamics using granular historical market data to improve business decisions and product development
  • Differentiate your offerings from competitors by generating industry- leading thought leadership and marketing using full-depth pricing and trades data
  • Evaluate regulatory change on market quality, efficiency, and stability over time by using detailed and complete historical data

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BMLL Sell-Side Factsheet