How our Level 3 Data works for Exchanges & Trading Venues

BMLL enables exchanges and trading venues to compete better with their peers by providing high-quality historical market data. Using BMLL market data and analytics enhances market microstructure research, incentivises market makers, and supports the development of effective products.

Enhance Microstructure Research

  • Gain a harmonised view of trading activity across diverse trading mechanisms and venues to make the most informed trading decisions.
  • Effectively benchmark your venue’s performance against peers by utilising a range of pre-computed venue quality metrics such as fill probability, time at N/EBBO, and order mean resting times
  • Using the most granular market data, publish thought leadership containing unique insight-driven to promote your venue and products

Improve Market Maker Monitoring

  • Optimise liquidity provision using full-order book data to generate the most informed market maker incentivisation decisions
  • Enhance market maker benchmarking by combining your venue’s liquidity provider data with harmonised cross-venue Level 3 Data
  • Monitor market maker compliance with regulatory obligations and market integrity rules by utilising a complete record of historical trading activity

Inform Product Development

  • Simulate the performance of new products under various market conditions by accessing a highquality historical data feed
  • Improve risk management by using a complete view of historical trading activity to accurately track and predict the price and volatility of underlying assets
  • Promote exchange-traded products utilising an independent thirdparty data provider to analyse performance against your peers

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