BMLL Technologies is the leading, independent provider of Level 3 Historical Data and Analytics for the world’s most sophisticated Capital Markets participants.

Level 3 Data captures and displays the trading intentions of all market participants. BMLL clients access this deep data to derive predictable insight. Researchers and quants across global financial services are empowered to truly understand how markets behave.

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BMLL proprietary Level 3 Data provides traders, quants and researchers with the cleanest order book data available anywhere in the capital markets.

BMLL Level 3 data captures every order sent to the market, and is fully harmonised across venues and asset classes. This granularity, with our analytics, enables users to truly understand the market. Our clients make informed decisions to drive increased flow to their traders, back-test and launch new products, and generate alpha more predictably.

BMLL's data and analytics span global equities, ETFs and futures from 75+ trading venues, and are used by banks and brokers, asset managers, global exchange groups and hedge funds.



BMLL is honoured to be recognised for providing industry-leading products and our commitment to democratise access to granular market data and analytics.