The Swiss Stock Exchange


  • SIX’s clients can easily navigate fragmented markets.
  • SIX gains immediate insight on the performance of the liquidity providers.
  • SIX’s quants can spend 100% of their time on deriving actionable insight from the analytics.


The Swiss Stock Exchange’s Swiss EBBO service is a supplemental liquidity book that improves access to best price and depth of liquidity in a fragmented and highly technical environment. It is operated on the Swiss Stock Exchange in addition to the lit Central Limit Order Book and the non-displayed liquidity pool SwissAtMid.

In order to monitor participant level performance on Swiss EBBO and provide post trade best execution analysis, BMLL worked with SIX to provide customised order book analytics for Swiss EBBO. These analytics combine anonymised orderbook data from The Swiss Stock Exchange with BMLL's unique harmonised Level 3 Data.

The resulting granular analytics provide a view of the order performance of every client on the Swiss Stock Exchange, and shows the behaviour and performance of trades and orders on Swiss stocks across the entire European trading landscape. SIX can customise the analytics in reports per client, providing a full view of the liquidity landscape.

Doctor Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL speaks with Marc Berthoud, Head of Exchange Data Strategy at SIX, to hear more about this initiative.

Exchange Market Participant Analytics (EMPA) is a managed service for exchanges to understand their market participants.

The BMLL Data Lab is also available, and allows users to upload and manage their own data systems and combine with the public order book data from BMLL.

Contact us to find out more about EMPA for exchanges, or about the BMLL Data Lab.

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