Paul Humphrey, CEO, BMLL - Accelerating our growth strategy

We have raised $26 million in our Series B funding round led by Nasdaq Ventures, FactSet, and IQ Capital’s Growth Fund to fuel BMLL product and geographic expansion

26 October 2022

This is a very exciting time for BMLL, our clients, our investors and, not least, our extremely talented team. Without their expertise and dedication, we wouldn’t be here today.

This investment is testament to a shared vision; that all market participants should have access to the most granular data & analytics in a scalable data science environment, reimagining the markets of tomorrow.

This week we have closed our latest funding round, raising $26 million to support our ambition growth plans across 3 core pillars:

  1. Coverage - we currently offer Equities, ETFs & Futures across the US & EU. We will add coverage across the main global financial markets in these asset classes and look to expand beyond these asset classes
  2. Engineers - having raw data isn't enough. We will expand the engineering team to onboard the coverage into our proprietary format, expand our products and widen our analytics capabilities bringing the data & analytics our clients love to these new markets
  3. Go-to-Market - we are expanding our GtM footprint, strengthening our presence in the US and bolstering our team in the EU. This will enable us to continue our strong revenue growth we've seen over the past 2 years

The funding and the calibre of our investors speak volumes, validating the markets' need for our data and analytics capabilities. Like us, they believe that historic data is the most powerful tool a trading firm can have, they believe in the predictability of Level 3 data, and they believe that BMLL is the firm best positioned to deliver on this belief. I am so proud that FactSet, Nasdaq Ventures and IQ Capital Growth have shared in this common vision and supported us in this funding round.

At a time when firms are seeing an increase in demand for quant capabilities, and deciding whether to build in-house or buy a 3rd party solution, BMLL enables firms to increase the productivity of their quant teams at a fraction of the cost of building these capabilities in-house. The funding round accelerates our ability to provide more coverage and products to these firms, helping them stand head and shoulders above their peers.

At BMLL, we have been on an incredible journey so far. Our track record with Tier 1 institutions; banks and brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, regulators and academics, is clear evidence of the wide-reaching use cases we cater for. From analysing market moves or understanding the liquidity landscape, venue comparisons and deep market research, to back-testing and fine-tuning algos, the BMLL offering is perfectly aligned with our clients deepest pain points.

Over time, we have stayed on our rails, with a vision to democratise access to the most granular data sets and analytics for both quants and non-quants. And with our latest product, BMLL Vantage, we have even removed the need to code to gain the insights once the preserve of the most sophisticated quant funds in the world.

And we won’t stop here. We have more work to do!

We continuously listen to clients and their requirements for additional data sets, analytics bundles and asset classes. We are working on adding new markets to our coverage every day and our team is constantly developing and enhancing all our product offerings.

My gratitude goes to our investors for believing in our mission and backing our strategy. At BMLL we believe that every market participant should be empowered with the most granular data & analytics, the most flexible products available and supported by our world-class team.

And last but not least, I’d like to thank my team for their unwavering dedication to customer services and product development, as well as our esteemed clients for their support. I am immensely proud of the outstanding industry recognition we have gained.

We will continue to build on the work we have done to date, accelerating our growth strategy as a result of our funding round.

Paul Humphrey, CEO
BMLL Technologies

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