London, 19 January 2021

BMLL, the award-winning data and analytics company, today announced that BMLL Data Feed will be available to sell side participants on the Kx Streaming Analytics platform. Kx is a leading provider of streaming data analytics, serving the majority of the world’s Tier 1 global banks.

BMLL’s data and analytics are used by leading institutions across the capital markets ecosystem for alpha generation, to understand how markets behave, back-test trading strategies and to make more informed trading decisions. BMLL’s Data Feeds are pre-computed from the most granular, Level 3 order book data and provide market participants with actionable insight needed to outperform the competition. The BMLL Data Feeds cover venue analytics, trading costs, alternative pricing, pricing analytics and trading analytics.

The collaboration will combine BMLL’s Data Feeds and horizontally scalable analytics with Kx’s real-time data capture and ultra-low latency processing technology, delivering the insight and context for business and trading decisions that sell-side institutions rely on to navigate complex markets.

Gerry Buggy, Chief Strategy Officer at Kx, commented: “We are pleased to add BMLL as a data and analytics partner to the Kx Streaming Analytics platform. As more and more of our customers link and tag new forms of data, Kx leads the market in providing high performance access, processing and real-time decision making of the combined datasets.”

Paul Humphrey, CEO of BMLL Technologies, said: “Our data and horizontally scalable analytics capabilities complement Kx’s real-time, low-latency data feeds, helping clients navigate market complexity and make more informed trading decisions. We are delighted to collaborate with Kx to make our data and analytics products available to Tier 1 banks and sell-side institutions globally.”


Media contacts - BMLL:

Sybille Mueller/Bill Yelverton - Streets Consulting

| +​44 (0)20 7959 2235

Media contacts - Kx:

Paul Wooding / Hannah Cordner, Kx


About BMLL Technologies

BMLL Technologies is a financial data engineering and data and analytics company serving the world’s most sophisticated market participants. BMLL specialises in providing clients access to granular order book data and advanced analytical power at unparalleled speed and scale. Born out of the machine learning labs in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University, the platform allows financial services firms to apply complex statistical techniques to niche big-data sets and perform machine learning on Level 3 order book data with applications such as market impact, pre & post trade analytics, order book simulation and compliance. The offering means clients no longer need to buy and curate the data from global exchanges, instead are offered cost effective access to the full order book with a long history for back-testing. For more information, please visit our website, or visit our Twitter @bmlltech.

About Kx

Kx is part of First Derivatives, a global technology provider with 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest finance, technology, automotive, manufacturing and energy institutions. Kx Streaming Analytics, built on the kdb+ time-series database, is an industry leading high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence platform. It delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries. The Group operates from 14 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.