BMLL Analytics | Liquidity Analytics

Understand and view addressable single & multi-instrument liquidity analytics and performance across all lit markets, dark pools and OTC venues.

Buy-side — examine a consistent view of pricing across bifurcated markets for execution and transaction cost analysis

Sell-side — benchmark the price of your orders to prove best execution for clients

Exchanges — compare your performance against a regional aggregate to better understand how your market performs

Liquidity Analytics available at daily frequencies: Liquidity Cost, Liquidity Around BBO and Liquidity Classification

Liquidity Analytics available at intraday frequencies: Liquidity Cost, Liquidity Around BBO, Liquidity Classification and Depth Liquidity

Delivery Mechanism: API / SFTP

BMLL metrics are derived from every insert, modify, execute or delete order message across every venue, available at daily and intraday resolution.

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