BMLL is committed to working with the best in the Capital Markets. By partnering with the best, we can deliver the best. Our product partners work with BMLL to deliver industry-leading offerings. Our distribution and referral partners bring data and analytics to new sectors and wider geographies.


Data Engineering: The BMLL data collection, harmonisation, and curation process captures every message sent to a trading venue or exchange. This granularity of data enables our partners the flexibility to extract insights, build products, or aggregate datasets from the underlying data.

Data Quality: Industry-leading data quality practices ensure BMLL data is the most accurate, reliable and complete, giving our partners the confidence to integrate the information-rich data to enhance their products.

Flexible delivery systems: BMLL data can be easily integrated into partner products via the Cloud, API or SFTP. Alternatively, BMLL can consume, present, or generate insight from partner data within its flagship Python research sandbox product, the BMLL Data Lab.

Go-to-market capabilities: The experienced BMLL go-to-market team provides cross-regional Sales, Marketing, and Technical Customer Support support to its partners, ensuring the most effective execution of a joint go-to-market strategy.


Distribution: BMLL supports its distribution partners by providing high-fidelity datasets via flexible file delivery systems, including API, Cloud or SFTP.

Referral: BMLL supports its referral partners by providing information-rich datasets, industry-leading products and sales and marketing support, bringing BMLL products to a wider audience and enriching the offerings of our partners.

Product: BMLL’s high-quality data, combined with our cutting-edge technology stack, enables our product partners to easily integrate and present meaningful insight within client-facing products, opening new revenue-generating opportunities.


The BMLL partnership network comprises leading institutions spanning the financial services industry.